Our movement is a genuine voluntary effort of decent African men and women who want to clean up the scourge and disgrace that has been suffered by the African nations, and the people, especially outside Africa, for years. It will also restore the dignity of man and improve the standard of living for the common man in Africa. This is a movement of WE THE PEOPLE for WE THE PEOPLE. We are not funded by any African governments or any government. We will not be funded by any corrupt politician whatsoever, or receive contribution or donation from any dubious individuals or groups. We want to be supported by WE THE PEOPLE in a clean and transparent manner.

The cost of printing the book, WE THE PEOPLE is enormous. We will engage the media, including newspapers and other print media, the radio, television, bloggers, commentators and other forms of advertisement to give voice to our important message to the grassroots of Africa as we educate them and change their mindset to create a new, clean breed of WE THE PEOPLE of Africa. In Nigeria for example, we will need to maintain offices in Abuja and the 36 state capitals in Nigeria and will need operating centers in every local government headquarters, and operating units in every ward in every local government for effective penetration. The costs are tremendous but we will be unstoppable, and the reward is a new Africa that will make good sense to all, a clean Africa that will be the pride of Africans everywhere, an Africa that will become the envy and admiration of the world.

Your voluntary, tax-deductible contributions and support will sustain us and propel us to resounding victory.

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